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Here at Healthy Mind Specialists, we provide integrative psychological care for any mental health challenges, but we have chosen to specialize in treating anxiety. We see anxiety as the center of a web that is sprawled across many life domains. When we have an anxious mind, it permeates all areas of our lives. Sometimes it’s our relationships, careers, loved ones, or even random encounters. Our minds hyper-focuses on areas of vulnerabilities and all the “what if” scenarios you can create. The intrusive thoughts don’t seem to stop. It can be very distressing! It is not unusual to also have other diagnoses that occur concurrently. In fact, 60% of individuals with anxiety also have challenges with some form of depression.

You may not even realize that you have challenges with anxiety. Anxiety is more than being nervous or fearful about the future or the unknown. Did you know for some individuals, anxiety shows up as anger management problems, control issues, or even impulsivity? What is common is the incredible amount of time that is spent in your head. Anxiety is exhausting! Let us help you sort it all out, connect now.

Healthy Mind Specialists, LLC is spearheaded by Dr. Grissel M. Lloyd and Dr. Maria A. Ruiz, who bring a total of 22 years of experience in the behavioral health field. Our mission is to provide top-notch integrative care. Grissel Lloyd, PsyD is a board-certified behavior analyst, a licensed mental health counselor, and a Doctor of Psychology. She is also a clinical psychology professor at the Florida School of Professional Psychology at National Louis University. Maria Ruiz, PsyD has been practicing as a life coach, is an international speaker specializing in self-esteem, attachment, and trauma issues, and has a professional Instagram following of over 100,000.

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