Morgan Adams, MSW

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Welcome to Healthy Mind Specialists. 

My name is Morgan Adams and I have the pleasure of being in the role of a mental health/mindfulness coach. As our world appears to be stressful and overwhelming, it is easy to become consumed with the negative. I will introduce techniques that are helpful in navigating life’s struggles and obtaining a more positive outlook.  I will teach tools such as meditation, mindfulness, and coping skills personalized to your own needs. With these tools, a person can obtain a new view of life and better navigate everyday challenges. By working together we will help you gain the confidence and skills needed to achieve your goals.  

I am certified to work with sexual assault survivors and am passionate about doing so. My experience includes working in schools, crisis centers/community-based mental health programs, and with special needs children. 

I received my Bachelor’s of Social Work from Southeastern University in Lakeland Fl. and my Master’s of Social Work from the University of Central Florida in Orlando Fl. In addition, I received an Associate’s degree in Theology and a certificate in American Sign Language.

After moving from Indiana to Florida at the age of 15 I realized that Florida is my forever home. On my days off, you can find me fishing, reading, or just soaking up the sun.